The 2014 Focus:

Imaging the Immune System: Look into the long term future of Imaging.

In Imaging in 2020: 2014, we will focus on the immune system and imaging the immune system. Topics will include the central role the immune system plays in the pathologies of cancer, heart diseases, and brain disorders. Discussions will address imaging and tracking of immune cells, engineering of immunity, and the use of imaging to evaluate immunotherapies.

Key to meeting the challenges inherent in a complex future is open and effective communication among basic and clinical researchers from a wide spectrum of relevant disciplines.

Imaging in 2020 is designed to catalyze this communication by providing a format that is intentionally less structured than the traditional scientific meeting, allowing for extensive, meaningful interactions in a casual, comfortable environment.

This year we expand the diversity of scientists that gather in Jackson Hole to include those with experience in applications of human immunology to the major diseases of human beings including aging. These researchers are supplemented with experts from imaging chemistry, engineering and physics so that we can explore the potentials of imaging methods in the quest for understanding and for applications of immunology to disease remedies.

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