Imaging in 2020 VII: Bridging Molecular Imaging and Therapy
September 18-22, 2011

 Program Chairs: Kathy Ferrara and Dean Sherry
Organizers: Thomas Meade and Daniel Sullivan


Session 1: Imaging Biological Processes
Chair: Dan Sullivan, Duke University

Proteomic Imaging to Penetrate Key Biological Barriers in vivo
Jan Schnitzer, Proteogenomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine

How Far Have We Come on the Road to 2020?
Tom Meade, Northwestern University

Session 2: Epigenetics
Chair: Tom Aigner, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Visualization of Chromatin-modifying Enzymes with Positron Emission Tomography
Jacob Hooker, Massachusetts General Hospital

Approaches for Single Molecule Epigenetic Analysis
Harold Craighead, Cornell University

Session 3: Imaging in Nanotechnology
Chair: Belinda Seto, National Institute on Biomedical Imaging & Bioengineering

Versatile Platform for Cancer Imaging and Therapy
Kit Lam, University of California, Davis

pH-Activatable On/Off Nanosystems for Cancer Imaging and Therapeutic Delivery
Jinming Gao, University of Texas Southwestern

Keynote Address

Molecular Imaging in Early Cancer Detection
Don Listwin, The Canary Foundation

Session 4: Imaging and Cellular Therapy
Chair: Tom Meade, Northwestern University

Fluorescent and Nanoparticle Imaging Probes for Biological and Disease Studies
Gang Bao, Georgia Tech

Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy: Insights from Molecular Imaging
Joseph Wu, Stanford University

Session 5: New Targets – Application in Therapeutics & Monitoring
Chair: Dean Sherry, University of Texas Southwestern

Theranostics for Oncology
Marty Pomper, Johns Hopkins University

Image-Guided Surgery using Near-Infrared Light
John Frangioni, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Session 6: Imaging and siRNA
Chair: Angie Louie, University of California, Davis

RNA interference (RNAi): Challenges and Opportunities
John Rossi, City of Hope

New Strategies for Imaging and Treating Infectious Diseases and Oxidative Stress
Niren Murthy, Georgia Institute of Technology

Session 7: Industry
Chair: Kathy Ferrara, University of California, Davis

Preclinical MRI – Paving the Way to 2020
Wolfgang Ruhm, Bruker BioSpin

Imaging Cancer Biomarkers
Daniel Bradley, Millennium

Quantitative Whole Body Biodistribution of Fluorescent-Labeled Agents by Non-Invasive Tomographic Imaging
Jeff Peterson, Perkin-Elmer

How to Identify and Quantify Specific Targeted Bubble Binding in Clinical Ultrasound Molecular Imaging: Lessons from Preclinical Imaging
Adrian Nunn, Bracco Research USA

Session 8: Imaging in Nanotechnology II
Chair: Kit Lam, University of California, Davis

Novel sn-2 Lipase Labile Prodrugs Optimize Drug Delivery
Greg Lanza, Washington University

Porphysomes: Intrinsically Theranostic Organic Nanophotonics
Gang Zheng, University of Toronto

Session 9: Imaging and Activatable Particles
Chair: Keyvan Farahani, National Cancer Institute

Image-Guided Drug Delivery
Matt Dreher, National Institutes of Health

MR Imaging of Drug Release from Temperature-Sensitive Liposomes
Sander Langereis, Philips Research

Session 10: Imaging and New Contrast Mechanisms

Imaging Faster than the Speed of Light with Cerenkov Radiation
Simon Cherry, University of California, Davis

Transfer of Parahydrogen derived Spin Order Sensitizes MRI andNMR Measurements by Three Orders of Magnitude
Simon Duckett, University of York

Session 11: Optical Imaging and Mass Spectometry

Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Oxidized Lipids
Hülya Bayir, University of Pittsburgh

Dual Colour Whole Body Optical Imaging and Other new Tools: Translation Into the Clinic
Clemens Lowik, Leiden University Medical Center

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