Imaging in 2020 VI: Imaging Biopathways
September 17-21, 2009


Program Chairs: Bonnie Sloane and Mike Tweedle
Organizers: Thomas Meade and Daniel Sullivan


Session 1: Engineering
Chair: Tom Budinger, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

The future of current imaging modalities
John Gore, Vanderbilt University

Emerging and future technology and its impact on biomedical imaging
Greg Auner, Wayne State University

Session 2: Chemistry I
Chair: Mike Tweedle, The Ohio State University

Imaging and dynamics of supramolecular assemblies
Akira Harada, Osaka University

Multimodality imaging agents
Angie Louie, University of California, Davis

Session 3: Biopathways I

Imaging of angiogenesis inhibitor actions on tumors
Donald McDonald, University of California, San Francisco

MRI angiogenesis
Michal Neeman, Weizmann Institute

PET angiogenesis
Markus Schwaiger, Technical University – Munich

Session 4: Biopathways II
Chair: Adrian Nunn, Bracco Research USA

New advances in multiphoton imaging of tumor metastasis
John Condeelis, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Deep tissue imaging of cancer: Collective invasion and resistance to therapy
Peter Friedl, Nijmegen Center for Molecular Life Sciences

Session 5: Chemistry II
Chair: Tom Meade, Northwestern University

Tumor-selective optical and multimodal imaging with porphyrazines
Brian Hoffman, Northwestern University

Relaxivity of 100 for a stable Gd complex
Ken Raymond, University of California, Berkeley

Session 6: Pharmaceuticals

RNA interference (RNAi): Challenges and Opportunities
Dan Silverman, University of California, Los Angeles

Keynote Address

Improving in vivo and clinical imaging with activatable cell-penetrating peptides
Roger Tsien, University of California, San Diego

Session 7: Ultrasound Agents
Chair: Kathy Ferrara, University of California, Davis

Targeted ultrasound agents
Alexander Klibanov, University of Virginia

Advances in technology for ultrasound contrast imaging
Paul Dayton, University of North Carolina / North Carolina State University

Session 8: Microscopy
Chair: Bob Gillies, Moffitt Cancer Center

Optical molecular imaging for point-of-care diagnostics: Endoscopic microscopy
Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Rice

Nanoscale compositional imaging of cells
Richard Leapman, National Institutes of Health

Session 9: Animal Models
Chair: Dan Sullivan, Duke University

Development of animal models
Terry Van Dyke, National Cancer Institute at Frederick

Mouse models of cancer for optical imaging
David Kirsch, Duke University

Session 10: Targeted Agents
Chair: Sarah Nelson, University of California, San Francisco

Magnetic labeling for cellular MR: Trials and tribulations
Joe Frank, National Institutes of Health

Small molecule probes of protease function: Applications to molecular imaging
Matthew Bogyo, Stanford University

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