Imaging in 2020 IV

September 25-29, 2005

Program Chair: Chris Contag
Organizers: Tom Meade, Dan Sullivan, and Jim Tatum


Proteomic mapping and imaging of the endothelial cell surface and its caveole in vivo
Jan Schnitzer, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Inverse bioelectric functional imaging: modeling, simulation, and visualization
Chris Johnson, University of Utah

Session Chair: Tom Meade, Northwestern University

Insights into cell compartmentalization and protein trafficking using GFP technology
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, NIH

Macromolecular delivery by cationic protein transduction domains
Steve Dowdy, UC San Diego

Visualizing protease activity
Bonnie Sloane, Wayne State University

SAAC utility in high thru-put screening for the selection of new radiodiagnostics and therapeutics
John Barrett, Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals

Session Chair: Simon Cherry, UC Davis

Visualizing the dynamics of an immune response
Ulrich von Andrian, Harvard University

In vivo cell tracking and flow cytometry
Charles Lin, Massachusetts General Hospital

Session Chair: William Kaelin Jr, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Advances in MRI for clinical imaging
Greg Sorensen, Massachusetts General Hospital

Optical imaging of breast cancer: Tumor detection, co-registration with MRI, and monitoring neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Bruce Tromberg, UC Irvine

What prevents effective translation of imaging tools to the clinic?
Andreas Jacobs, University of Cologne

Challenges for MR contrast
Xaver Bhujwalla, Johns Hopkins University

Keynote Address

Visualizing the future
Alexander Tsiaras, Anatomical Travelogue

Session Chair: Eva Sevick-Muraca, Baylor College of Medicine

Advancing reagents for neuroimaging
Joanna Fowler, Brookhaven National Lab

Fluorescent chemistries: Next generation of optical reagents
Ching-Hsuan Tung, Massachusetts General Hospital

Monochromatic X-ray imaging using the k-edge: Fusing diagnosis and therapy
Frank Carroll, Vanderbilt University

Molecular sensing with MR
Thomas Meade, Northwestern University

NIH Roadmap Roundtable: Where is the imaging field going, and how do we get there?

Discussion Chair: Dave Piston, Vanderbilt University
Panel Members: John Barrett, Simon Cherry, Steve Conolly

Session Chair: Bruce Tromberg, UC Irvine

Taking new optical imaging technologies to the clinic
Eva Sevick-Muraca, Baylor College of Medicine

Next generation in vivo fluorescent imaging: One- and two-photon fluorescence microendoscopy
Mark Schnitzer, Stanford University

Session Chair: Steve Conolly, UC Berkeley

Imaging the reversal of tumorigenesis upon oncogene inactivation
Dean Felsher, Stanford University

Visualizing immune reactions with bioluminescence
Robert Negrin, Stanford University

Bioluminescent imaging of degradable Luciferase fusion proteins
William Kaelin Jr, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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