Imaging in 2020 is held at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Its beautiful location in the Grand Teton National Forest offers breathtaking views of the Grand Tetons to provide a colorful backdrop to the meeting. Participants will have the opportunity during the afternoons to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, or just relaxing in a truly spectacular natural setting.

Imaging in 2020 was created in 1999 to advance the emerging field of molecular imaging as researchers recognized its potential to reveal the dynamic processes in cells and tissues that could lead to discoveries in the imaging, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Held every two years, the Imaging in 2020 conferences are structured to facilitate open and effective communication among basic and clinical researchers from many different fields in an attempt to prompt multi-discipline discussion and collaborations.

Imaging in 2020: Visualizing the Future of Health Care with MR Imaging, September 2018

Imaging in 2020: The Future of Precision Medicine: Molecular Imaging for Diagnosis and Staging/Therapy, September 2016

Imaging in 2020: Imaging the Immune System: Look into the long term future of Imaging, September 2014

Imaging in 2020 VIII: Understanding Complex Biology using Molecular Imaging, September 2012

Imaging in 2020 VII: Bridging Molecular Imaging and Therapy, September 2011

Imaging in 2020 VI: Imaging Biopathways, September 2009

Imaging in 2020 V: Imaging Theragnostics, September 2007

Imaging in 2020 IV, September 2005

Imaging in 2020 III, September 2003

Imaging in 2020 II, Sptember 2001

Imaging in 2020, September 1999

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